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Homework teaches nothing

School education is completely divorced from human life. For many years after learning English, graduates of two words cannot associate, there is no representation in which the hemisphere rests, they believe in power.

The household tasks that you face continue the trend: littering with facts that children cannot apply. Emotional upheavals in children due to the fact that they cannot write their first essay. For this, their parents turn to essay writer online to save their children's nerves.

I worked as a student with an instructor, helped to pull students up in English. Initially, children could not become famous for the simplest noun door. There was fear in his eyes: give us your assessment now. Half of each lesson had to be devoted to the composition topic assigned to you, in order to prove that we are talking. In each case, I offered an offer. Not that in the textbook, but in life, for example, "quiet, grab the cat's tail!" When the children realized that all school knowledge is our world, the ratings improved dramatically, and I did not need my help.

Remember how you studied, how you bought your first works from the authors of essays (, and compare the process of writing an essay with some hard work. If homework has helped bridge the gap between class and life, it makes sense to them. But it's not.

How good is homework The problem is not the homework or the quantity. As homework, you can get results by rethinking how you write it. Write it yourself, or order a ready-made essay from the company ( Homework is done in comfortable conditions so that you can find answers to a difficult question at home and understand the material. If, of course, there is time and energy.

If each student develops a unique homework, then the schoolgirl will be able to pull up incomprehensible topics and strengthen the strengths of Homework as an important element of continuing education. .

Brandi Young says:

Students work all day. At home, there are some important activities that you need to learn too. You need to design different zones, what's the point of coming home and taking a notepad? Do you think you need homework?

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